Celebrating Our Story – Nick

For 6 years, Nick Bazzelle has been instrumental in building relationships with our Participants, Families, Volunteers and Staff at Able to Serve.

Nick began his Able to Serve story in 2017 working as a habilitation technician alongside one of our ATS Participants.  Nick’s keen ability to see each person’s potential soon led him into a staff role as Program Instructor.  During his career here, Nick has taught each Group, now applying his experience in life skills training to his role as Curriculum/Logistics Coordinator.  Each week, Nick keeps our Participants and Families happily engaged with our Day Program, often as their first face on campus as he greets each person by name.  

As anyone here will attest, Nick knows our families well.  Being a part of the Able to Serve story for him is a personal experience, investing time into each part of our Day Program.  He keeps all things running with care – from daily Participant coordination to our van/bus transportation management that connect us with surrounding communities.  

Nick credits his time at Able to Serve with influencing spiritual growth as well.  His leadership experiences with some Participants over several years have taught him valuable spiritual lessons, such as patience and understanding.  Navigating through communication differences and unique learning paths has motivated him to focus on their growth and find common ground everyday. 

From rides in to rides out, we are grateful that Nick is here every step of the way to lead us with friendly care.  On campus and off campus, we simply could not keep our schedule of service without him!  

Did you catch one of your favorite Nick at ATS memories in the pictures above?  Comment and tell us which one!

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