Legacy Giving

Leaving a meaningful gift can create a legacy that you and your family will be proud of for generations to come.

What is a Legacy Fund?

A Legacy Fund is established by a charitable entity enabling the charity to invest gifts for the purpose of earning income from the original principle to fund its charitable work.

A Legacy Fund is a permanent gift from which the earnings from its original principle are used to serve the specific purpose of the giver. It is an investment that produces income for the future.

A Legacy Fund is set up in perpetuity whereby the principle amount remains intact and the earnings produce income for many years.

A Legacy Fund is an important means to producing ongoing financial support for your favorite charity, like Able to Serve.

A Legacy Fund can be established in memory of a loved one, in honor of a special person in your life, through your Last Will and Testament and in other ways.



A recurring gift of cash, check, credit card or bank draft is one way to fulfill your charitable giving.


A number of annuity plans allow you to make a gift, and still receive ongoing income for yourself, a spouse, your children or others.


There are several ways to give life insurance to Able to Serve’s Legacy Fund. You can name Able to Serve’s Legacy Fund as a beneficiary, transfer the ownership of an existing policy or purchase a new policy naming Able to Serve’s Legacy Fund as a beneficiary.


A gift of real property can be deeded to Able to Serve’s Legacy Fund out right or upon death.


Gifts of appreciated securities (readily marketable stocks and stock in closely held companies) can also be given.


One of the easiest ways Able to Serve’s Legacy Fund can grow is through beneficiary designations of retirement funds. This allows you to access the funds during your lifetime, if and when you need them, and still benefit Able to Serve upon your passing.


Through your will, you can perpetuate good stewardship with a living memorial. The Able to Serve Legacy Fund can be a beneficiary of a specific device or the ultimate beneficiary of a Charitable Remainder Trust. In addition, any funeral memorials that are contributed in your memory can be directed to Able to Serve’s Legacy Fund.

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