Everyone is Created by God to live a Full Life

Thousands of adults with disabilities are disconnected from society. We believe they can engage and thrive.

Adults with disabilities are faced with unstructured schedules and experience the instability and uncertainty that results from being disconnected from others. They are often ignored, overlooked, and misunderstood and lack opportunities to explore what they have to offer their community and the world. Adults with disabilities need a supportive environment in order to reach their potential. Our model provides structure through our day program where they are able to learn to become more independent and continue their education, are challenged to grow and mature through new experiences, accept responsibility for themselves and lead by example, and serve their fellow citizens as a meaningful part of the community.

Our Model


Participants develop important life skills and gain an understanding of our community.


Participants explore new experiences that provide them with confidence to become the best they can be.


Participants take responsibility for themselves and take initiative as role models among their peers.


Participants engage in meeting the needs of the community by serving others.

Our Impact

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