Our mission is to equip adults with disabilities to be independent and connect them with opportunities to serve others in their community.

Able to Serve is a faith-based, community-funded nonprofit organization that believes every person, regardless of their abilities, is created by God to live a full life. Our core service is a day program that provides adults with disabilities with a supportive environment where they can reach their full potential as an integral part of God’s creation. Our focus is on equipping them with life skills to be more independent and connecting them with opportunities to use their abilities to serve others in our community.

Our program is built on a model that provides participants with the opportunity to learn, grow, lead, and serve in community with others. We are more than just a safe place for adults with disabilities to spend the day; through our structured classes, participants experience the community as a classroom, where practical lessons are learned and applied in real-life settings. From continuing education to life skills training, we draw out the gifts and abilities adults have been given by God that will help them discover their own value and see themselves as people who have something to offer others in our community.

Our hope is that through our work, adults with disabilities in Wake and Johnston Counties will be equipped to live a full life as recognized and valued individuals who are fully integrated into the life of their local communities. 

Our Core Values


We strive to serve others, in word and deed, in the honor, glory, and Spirit of Christ.


We see each human being as an individual with inherent value who is worthy of love and respect.


We set high standards for our work and we are ambitious as we seek to make an impact in the lives of the people we serve.

Good Stewards

We approach our work with a deep commitment to integrity as it relates to our finances and how we engage program participants, staff, volunteers, and donors.


We believe our community is a better place when people of all abilities come together and serve others to make a difference.



We were honored to receive the Small Business of the Year Award from the Greater Cleveland Chamber.


Able to Serve was again extremely honored to be presented with the Garner Chamber of Commerce’s Summit Award (Nonprofit Achievement Award). This annual award recognizes nonprofit organizations that have recognizes nonprofit organizations that have demonstrated excellence by effectively addressing a problem within our community, effectively using available resources to achieve a maximum positive impact.


We received the “Best Community Partner” Award presented at the Garner Chamber of Commerce Summit Awards. We would like to thank all who voted online to recognize the amazing partnerships we have in our community.