Day Program

Utilizing individualized educational instruction, social experiences, and community service projects, Able to Serve continually challenges our participants to become who they want to be. We are committed to instilling higher expectations–in both our participants and our community–of what they can hope for in their lives.

Our Approach

We set high standards for equipping people who have developmental disabilities to learn, grow, lead, and serve. We encourage our participants to aim high at:

Our holistic approach to learning includes:


“Our son, Alex, was born with a rare syndrome that has impacted him physically and intellectually. Early on, we realized Alex would not catch up developmentally to his peers. When Alex came to the end of his high school career, his path was unsure. While other young men his age were heading off to college, we were struggling to find an opportunity for Alex. His options were limited. Alex needed an opportunity to grow academically, socially, and spiritually, with a sense of purpose outside of our home. When we discovered Able to Serve, we found a place for Alex to continue to grow and develop in a loving and safe environment. The staff and volunteers are exceptional, treating the participants with respect and love. Able to Serve is our ‘happy place’. I know that we have found the next step for Alex at Able to Serve.”

— Maria, Alex’s mother

“Joseph is a fun-loving man that enjoys music, family, sports and his church. Due to difficulties at birth, Joseph has lived a life with developmental delays. Upon graduating from high school, we heard from many sources about the program Able to Serve. This organization has blessed our family by providing a safe environment with a program that teaches the life skills needed to live day by day. Joseph is not only “able to serve”, but “willing to serve” because of such a wonderful program. Our family is truly blessed to be a part of this organization!”

— Beth, Joseph’s mom

Day Program Registration Process

How it Works:

STEP 1: Submit an Inquiry

  • If you are interested in becoming part of the Able to Serve family you can submit an inquiry using the contact form on the website or by calling the Able to Serve office. While we value the work of agencies and caseworkers who assist families with program placements, these inquiries must be completed by the parent or legal guardian of the potential participant.

STEP 2: Take a Parent/Guardian Tour

  • When space and resources are available to ensure the success of your son or daughter, you will receive a call to set up a parent tour. During the tour, you will receive a packet with more information about the program and program fees. Please note that this initial tour is a chance for you as the parent or legal guardian to learn more about the program and ensure it is a good fit for your family. We look forward to meeting your son or daughter in the potential participant visit that will be scheduled after the parent tour.

STEP 3: Complete a pre-application questionnaire

  • Within one week, you will be contacted by one of the Able to Serve staff members to complete a pre-application questionnaire either by phone or online. This questionnaire allows us to learn more about the needs of your son or daughter and determine if the program can accommodate those needs.

STEP 4: Come for a Visit

  • On the day of the visit the potential participant will spend the entire day at Able to Serve.
  • To ensure the success of your son or daughter, we ask that at least one parent or legal guardian be present for this entire visit.
  • Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to meet other participants, staff, and volunteers.
  • He or she may be assigned to one group or to multiple groups throughout the day.
  • Please arrive by 8:45 a.m. and make plans to stay until 3:00 p.m.
  • Please bring lunch to enjoy at Able to Serve. Microwaves are available for food preparation.

STEP 5: Complete the Registration Process

  • You will receive a follow-up call within one week after your visit. If Able to Serve is a good fit for your son or daughter, you will be asked to complete the registration packet and set a start date.

Contact us to learn more

If you are interested in enrolling your loved one in our day program, please contact us to set up a call or a tour so you can learn more.