Improve the Space where we Serve Everyday!

As we wrap our 20th year celebration, our participants need the best environment for the New Year ahead.

With over 60 participants now in our day program, our campus needs more accessibility inside and out. To achieve this goal, our outdoor shelter, garden boxes, and indoor program rooms need upgrades. 


Serving Every Season

Your support provides the improvements that impact our participants, enabling them to be their best and serve their community every season.

Check Out this Message from Carlton McDaniel Jr.,
Founder & Executive Director

“When I finally found this wonderful place that I belong…where people understood me…where I could develop friendships, true friendships with people. It proved to me that I could help make a difference in people’s lives.  Because after all, this is Able to Serve.  It proves that God has a purpose for everybody.”

Stephanie, ATS Participant

Your financial support equips our spaces for a new year of serving together!

Outdoor Accessibility

Expand access for participants in our outdoor spaces. More accessible tables, adjustable garden boxes, sidewalk repairs, and adaptive gardening tools create a shelter ready for everyone.

Room Enhancements

Storage cabinet repairs, technology upgrades, and durable, sturdy chairs will support our program rooms’ essential environment. We need you to literally provide a seat at the table for our adult participants.


Community Connection

Maintaining our 2 vans by replacing their tires keeps our participants connected to community partners. Help us move forward into the new year with our vans ready to go!

We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. Each item included in this campaign is representative of a contribution toward the overall mission of Able to Serve. Donations will be used to equip adults with disabilities to be independent and connect them with opportunities to serve others in their community. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.