Celebrating Our Story – Sophia

Since 2019, Sophia Mercer has brought her joy to Able to Serve.  As a Program Instructor, she builds relationships with participants through consistent encouragement and creative lesson planning each day.  She is one of the first people to jump into an activity, advocating all that we can do together. Discover why Sophia celebrates Able to Serve. 

I have had lead roles at Able to Serve since 2019. I have grown as a volunteer, substitute instructor, part time instructor and now full time Program Instructor. My heart is stretched everyday that I come.  I step outside of my comfort zone working with these guys, but I love it so much.  They teach me everyday how to be patient, loving and forgiving.  I see the love the participants have for one another, and it is so precious.

As a staff member I intentionally put Christ first, as we are Christ-centered. I am person-focused knowing the participants are individuals and are treated with respect. I am goal-oriented as I truly would love for our participants to go home having learned something from the day. I am a good steward making use of the resources I have, and love that we are community-minded, helping out wherever and however we can given the many talents our participants have.

God is so good.  I know He is in this place.  He is using this organization to reach a bigger community that otherwise might go unnoticed by the norm.  As a parent myself of a special needs child, I know the value of respite time for a parent.  It is golden.

For 20 years, Able to Serve has been working in the community to connect parents like Sophia with the opportunities available at Able to Serve.  Today, we celebrate Sophia and how God led her into the Program Instructor role here!

Are you encouraged by Sophia’s Able to Serve experience?  Leave a comment below to celebrate with us!

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  1. Sophia

    I’ll start. It is a privilege and honor to serve the Joy Group and the other groups at ATS. Thank you for the opportunity.

  2. Angie Yilling

    Sophia is a Godly encourager! Her love for the Joy class and all of the ATS participants shows in all she does. Her sweet smile says it all. Thank you Sophia for letting us see Jesus in you.

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