Videri Chocolate Factory

In April, participants from Able to Serve visited the Videri Chocolate Factory. Videri is based out of Raleigh, NC at 327 W Davie Street in an old historic building that has been renovated to make chocolate, ice cream, and coffee. The chocolate smelled so sweet as we walked by. We took a self-guided tour and saw the cacao bean which chocolate and coffee come from. Videri uses over 17 tons of cocoa beans every year and there are 90,000 beans in every bag! The staff was very nice and we enjoyed seeing lots of photos around the factory telling the history of Videri and the origin of cacao beans. At the end of the tour, we enjoyed a special treat, sitting on the patio, talking with friends, and eating samples of their ice cream. It was delicious!

Stephanie & Avery

Story Written by Able to Serve Participants

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