Volunteer Appreciation Night 2023

Our Volunteer Appreciation Night celebrated the incredible people who faithfully give their time and energy to our Day Program each week!

We gave this amazing team an evening to enjoy each other’s company, swap stories and navigate through our Values with the lens of their volunteer experiences. 

We believe that investing in people is the key to serving our community best.  Our volunteers understand the importance of their part in our Day Program, wanting to fulfill their purpose well.  To equip and encourage our volunteers as they work alongside our Participants, we dined together on a delicious meal and dove into our Able to Serve Values as training to strengthen this awesome team.  

At Able to Serve, our Values are to be Christ-Centered, Person-Focused, Goal-Oriented, Good Stewards and Community-Minded.

Check out these volunteer perspectives from each Value learned during their training:

The dedicated people who volunteer at Able to Serve each week make our mission happen.  Since our volunteers are THE BEST AROUND, we ended the night honoring them with “Volunteer Superlatives, including unique categories such as “Mr. Enthusiast” (Bud) and “Devotional Magician” (Marcia).

We would like to thank one of our favorite volunteers, Mrs. Geraldine McDaniel, for preparing the delicious main course and dessert for this special gathering.  We simply cannot thank our volunteers enough for all that they do, giving abilities a chance! 

Interested in joining this dynamic team of fun folks?  Check out the link below!

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