Serving the Community at the YMCA

In January of this year, we began a partnership with the Poole Family YMCA, where Able to Serve participants have the opportunity to volunteer every month. Some of the specific tasks they accomplish are folding towels, cleaning windows, laundry, sweeping the gym floor, and cleaning hard services (tables, counters, trash cans, toys, door handles, etc.). We have 21 participants who volunteer on a rotation each month and, collectively, will have completed 48 hours by the end of March.

"I look forward to helping them out."

Drake, a participant in our day program since 2018, recently became one of these new volunteers at the YMCA. We are excited because this milestone in our participants’ lives helps us fulfill our mission to equip people with disabilities and connect them with opportunities to serve others in their community.

Here at Able to Serve, we believe our community is a classroom. Through partnerships like these, Drake and all of our participants can serve our community and apply the life skills they are developing in a real-life setting. We appreciate the support of the YMCA and providing our participants with this incredible opportunity to volunteer.

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