Celebrating Our Story – Beth

Beth Faucette began her Able to Serve story 7 years ago when our Day Program answered the “what’s next?” plan for her son Joseph after high school graduation.

"After Joseph graduated high school, he entered the Day Program, and our family absolutely loves it. As an educator in the Wake County Public school system approaching retirement, I used to tell Carlton that I was going to work here next, and he thought that I was joking. I knew that I wanted to spend my time at Able to Serve as a Program Instructor. My heart is full being a part of the Able to Serve family!"

Since joining our staff last fall, Beth has become an integral part of everything that we do at Able to Serve.  Her leadership and influence helped our 4th group develop from an overflow 3 Day Program into a 5 Day Program this year.  As a Program Instructor for Faith Group and Grace Group, she guided Participants through group transitions that moved each person into new rosters.  Knowing these changes can be a challenge for a Participant who relies on routine, Beth engaged each person where they were within those changing dynamics, fostering their growth as our Day Program grew (and continues to grow).  

She did not set her “parent hat” down when becoming a Program Instructor.  In fact, she better understands all of the energy and resources that goes into our Day Program from her staff role perspective. Beth is usually the first one to volunteer her extra time, motivated to serve wherever she can because of the difference Able to Serve has made for her family. She is proud to be an advocate for our organization, willing to share her experience at Able to Serve in any helpful way so that other parents and guardians can hear about all our Day Program offers adults like her Joseph.

Like Beth, our hearts are full with her here.  We are grateful that she, Joseph and her family are part of our Able to Serve family!

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