20th Anniversary Celebration Week

In 20 years, many people have been a part of our mission.  We took a week to celebrate with our Able to Serve family, marking this milestone in our community.  

We captured our excitement with a photo booth full of props open to family, friends and supporters who came by and toured our open house on May 22nd’s Anniversary Day.  Snow cones kept everybody cool as celebrations rolled on.   

Crazy Sock Day, Beach Day and Throwback Day gave us creative, themed activities in our morning rotations.  We took a Thank You Tour off-campus each day as well, giving our Anniversary Wrist Bands to local businesses, churches and groups who have supported Able to Serve over the past 20 years.  We even learned Able to Serve’s history through a table top timeline (Blog Reader Bonus: Every Participant received a personalized award that we are featuring here this summer!)

One of our favorite memories from the week was taking our current ATS family back to where we all started “giving abilities a chance” together – our first location next to Smith’s Addressing Machine Services (SAMS).  Travis and Megan Smith along with SAMS’ friendly staff hosted us for a hot dog cookout.  We played lawn games, toured our original outdoor space and welcomed old friends, reminiscing about all of the growth we have seen.  

The entire week reminded us about the blessings that we enjoy together, being at Able to Serve each day.  God has certainly been good to show us 20 years of His faithfulness!

Comment below with your favorite memory from Anniversary Week.

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