Celebrating and Honoring 21 Years of Able to Serve!

May 22nd, 2024 — Able to Serve's 21st Anniversary

As we celebrate Able to Serve’s 21st anniversary, we reflect on the incredible journey of faith, community, and empowerment. Over the past two decades, our faith-based nonprofit organization has been dedicated to the belief that every person, regardless of their abilities, is created by God to live a full and purposeful life. Through our day program, we provide adults with disabilities a supportive environment where they can grow, learn, and flourish as integral parts of God’s creation. Our commitment to equipping our participants with essential life skills and connecting them with opportunities to serve others has resulted in countless stories of transformation and hope. We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support from our community, staff, volunteers, and donors who have made this journey possible.

As we look ahead, we are filled with excitement and anticipation for the future. Celebrating 21 years is not just a milestone; it is a testament to the lives changed, families brought together, and the communities strengthened by our mission. With God’s grace and the continued support of our dedicated community, we are excited to embrace the next chapter of Able to Serve, filled with new opportunities to live out our core values and serve others in the Spirit of Christ.

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