Inspiring Dreams: A Day with Local Author William Porter

We had the incredible opportunity to host local author William Porter for our “Meet the Author” event at Able to Serve. William shared his journey of becoming an author, offering insights into the writing and publishing process. Our participants were thrilled to learn about his experiences and the dedication it takes to turn a passion for writing into a published book. The event was particularly inspiring for our budding writers, who found a mentor and role model in William.

One participant, Karlin, who has a deep love for writing and dreams of publishing her own book, was especially motivated by William’s visit. After his group presentation, William took the time to meet with Karlin one-on-one. He answered her questions, provided expert advice, and encouraged her to keep pursuing her dreams. His willingness to offer ongoing support and be a resource for Karlin was truly heartwarming. This personal interaction ignited a new level of enthusiasm and determination in her writing journey.

Adding a special touch to the day was the connection with Pamela Porter, William’s daughter, and one of our dedicated volunteers. Seeing Pamela’s pride in her father’s achievements and her active role in our community made the event even more memorable. We captured many wonderful moments in photos and were delighted to receive a personally signed copy of William’s book. The “Meet the Author” event not only highlighted the incredible accomplishments of a local author but also reinforced the supportive and inspiring environment at Able to Serve, where dreams are nurtured, and the community is strengthened.

Be sure to show your support and check out William’s amazing collection of books linked below and available on amazon.

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