Honoring Moms: A Memorable Mother’s Day Brunch at Able to Serve

On Tuesday, May 7th, we had the pleasure of hosting a heartwarming Mother’s Day Brunch, celebrating the incredible mothers, aunts, grandmothers, motherly figures, and women caregivers. The event was a beautiful opportunity to show our deep appreciation for all they do day in and day out. The day began with a warm welcome, allowing these amazing women to connect, laugh, and share stories with one another. As they enjoyed a delicious brunch, our participants paid special tribute to the moms, expressing heartfelt gratitude through words and gestures. Each mother received a thoughtful gift as a token of our appreciation, and we captured joyful moments with plenty of pictures. The room was filled with laughter, love, and an overwhelming sense of community, making it a truly memorable and special day for everyone involved.

We are thankful for Lord of Life Lutheran Church as they provided the incredible brunch for our mothers. It is one of our favorite times and we are thankful for how they support the incredible ladies who impact our participant’s lives every day.

Here are some heartfelt reflections from the wonderful moms who attended our Mother’s Day Brunch, sharing how this special event touched their lives.

“It is a blessing that the moms get together and everyone is able to enjoy spending time together.” – Angie Yilling

“My heart is over joyed by the love that was shared between all the moms and caregivers. As a mom and instructor I am blessed to get to do this everyday.” – Beth Faucette

“It was very special because of all the thought, appreciation, and love put into such a beautiful event.” – Geri Adams

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