Celebrating Easter: Embracing Unity, Faith, and Hope

As we reflect on the joy and significance of Easter, we’re delighted to share a heartwarming compilation of our participants’ thoughts on why Easter holds special meaning for them. Their heartfelt responses remind us of the profound impact of this sacred season. Watch the video above to hear their inspiring messages.

At Able to Serve, Easter is not just a holiday; it’s a time of profound reflection, unity, and celebration. This year, we immersed ourselves in the true essence of Easter, guided by our core values of Christ-centered service and community-minded collaboration. One of the highlights of our Easter celebrations was the production of an interactive Easter play, we call it Easter Jam, where our staff and participants beautifully portrayed the interconnectedness of humanity and the transformative power of Christ’s love. Through this interactive experience, we are reminded that we are all connected, powered, and covered by the grace of Christ, fostering a sense of unity and belonging within our community.

In addition to Easter Jam, we dedicated time to delve deeper into the significance of Easter through classroom devotions and guest speakers. Local pastors graciously shared the profound message of Easter, emphasizing the hope and redemption found in Christ’s resurrection. These meaningful discussions and reflections allowed us to deepen our understanding of Easter’s significance and renew our faith in the promise of new beginnings. As we continue to embody the spirit of Easter in our daily lives, we remain committed to serving others with love, compassion, and grace, guided by the timeless teachings of Christ.

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