Volunteer Spotlight: Sheri V.

Sheri is one of our new volunteers, and we are so grateful to serve with her each week! She is always upbeat and very passionate about our ministry and our participants. She was born and raised in California, moved to Atlanta in 1970, and settled in North Carolina in 2021. Sheri brings with her over 25 years of professional & volunteer experience helping high school students in special education and general education classrooms.

“Shortly after moving to NC, I met Kurt Woods while talking with him in line at Home Depot, and he introduced me to Able to Serve. He took my phone number, and not long after I got home, Trista called. God was working and knew this was a place for me. My prayer has been for just this type of program to get involved in, so I was hooked the moment I walked in. One of the reasons I love being here, and why I tear up from time to time, is when I experience the love that our participants show others each day. Recently, one of the participants I have been hanging out with came up to me as we were leaving and said, “Goodbye, Sheri,” and one of the other participants gave me a flower. These may be simple acts of their kindness, but it makes my heart feel so happy, and I am so glad that I get to walk through those doors each week and be a part of this program.” – Sheri

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