Celebrating Our Story – Fil

Filipe 'Fil' Remelgado joined our team right before Bible Camp this year and jumped right into the fun and focused way that we achieve our mission. He took some time from our 2024 preparations to share his experience so far in the Able to Serve family.

At Able to Serve, I lead the Operations and Finance department by maintaining efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance as it relates to those departments.  As an organization, and personally, I only want the best for our participants and their families; therefore, we set high standards to maximize our resources, hence providing only the best program for our beloved participants and their families.

I had the privilege of starting alongside the stellar Able to Serve team in early June of this year. 

During my time at Able to Serve, I continue to grow in my appreciation for the ATS family- the participants and all those associated with ATS.

I am learning that there is an ever-growing community that genuinely loves and cares for Able to Serve and its participants. I come across individuals who speak of Able to Serve with great passion. It is clear that we have Able to Serve Ambassadors in and around our community.

I have a myriad of memories to choose from, but there is one in particular I will never forget. It was during one of the participant talent shows, which took place during program hours, and I decided to attend. I sat to the side, listened, and watched as the participants presented. I remember looking down for some reason, and all of a sudden, music started. After a few seconds, I heard a voice, which caught my attention, and I looked up. Behold, it was Camille singing with a voice that pierced right into the depths of my soul. I was in awe!

We are grateful that Fil is a part of our staff heading into a new year.  With his background in both ministry and management, we know that the Lord has brought him here as another steady guide to serve alongside us in our wonderful community.  You can read more of his professional bio here

Thank you for all that you do to “give abilities a chance”, Fil!

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