Serving Every Season – Outdoors

When the weather invites us outdoors, we use our spacious picnic shelter to work on our goals. Social gatherings, reading, and gardening are just a few of the fun opportunities we enjoy together.

As Sophia shared in the video, we need to make our picnic shelter more accessible to help more participants serve their community.  

This Christmas, you can give our participants:

  • Picnic tables accessible for all mobility needs

  • Garden tools adapted for every gardeners’ hands

  • Adjustable, hanging garden boxes allowing everyone to see a plant’s full growing process

  • Sidewalk repairs that smooth the route for every type of wheel (walker or wheelchair)

Every adult with disabilities investing energy into our program deserves the best environment to achieve everything that they were created to be. 

Thank you for GIVING ABILITIES a Chance with us this season!

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