Winter 2023 Newsletter

Launching Our 20th Year

Able to Serve turns 20 this year with plans to mark this moment through celebrations and service. Giving our participants the opportunity to flourish in everything they do was at the heart of our party planning, and we spent a  week in January together kicking off our celebration the Able to Serve way.  

During Launch Week, our participants, staff and volunteers laughed our way throughout outdoor and indoor activities, scattering confetti throughout our rooms and launching 4 group rockets near our outdoor shelter under beautiful blue skies. Check out Beryl, Stephanie, Trenton and Teresa holding the rockets on our second launch day in the picture above. Reviews were mixed about the rocket launches, but we all agreed that the time together all week was a full blast!

“I found confetti in my car days after the party, but it was worth it!”

“Giving the launch a big thumbs up!"

“I liked Sophia's tutu!" [Click "Read the full newsletter" for that highlight.]

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