Celebrating Our Story – Caitlyn

In May of this year, we welcomed our newest full-time Program Instructor Caitlyn Allen to lead the Faith Group. As we prayed to fill this position with the person God had equipped, that person came at the perfect time, as Caitlyn has shared before with us.

“Getting the job and starting at Able to Serve has truly felt like a full circle moment for me and a confirmation that God's hand has been on my life. When I was a teen, my family volunteered at a Special Olympics of Wake County bowling event at Buffaloe Lanes. I remember thinking on the ride home that I felt like I was meant to do more/work with the special needs community at some point in my life. Now about 15 years later I feel the same way, and it is just that much more fulfilling to be ‘able to serve’ this amazing community and spend time with such incredible people! I love my Able to Serve family!”

With a life-time background in church ministry serving alongside her family, Caitlyn has brought kindness and curiosity into her role.  Each day, she infuses her room with an active schedule personalized to each participant.  Everyone who enters her group knows that they will receive excellent learning experiences under Caitlyn’s leadership.  She not only gives her all but receives more in her service here at ATS:

“I have learned and grown so much in my time at Able to Serve. In patience, in communication, in understanding how to better read people and situations, in preparing a schedule and planning activities to do, and countless other ways.”

Entering our nonprofit ministry in our 20th year has brought many memory-making opportunities, but one stands out particularly special to her.

“When Dylan asked me where my dad was, I told him in heaven and he said "Aw, sorry," and reached his hand out to touch my hand in compassion. I am struck by how our participants have a pure joy for everyday little things that is absolutely contagious.  It’s a good reminder to see the best in everything and everyone!”

We are grateful to have her in our Able to Serve family, too.  Thank you, Caitlyn, for joining us in our mission to give abilities a chance!  If you have not met her yet, leave a wave or welcome below in our comments section.

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  1. Valerie Piland

    We’re so happy to have you in the ATS family, Caitlyn. Our participant isn’t in your class but several who are have told me (some version of): “I love Caitlyn. She’s great!” 🙂

  2. Libby Allen

    Caitlyn’s mom here (Libby) ~

    Hello everyone reading these comments. Caitlyn’s Dad would be so blessed by the fact that she is spending her working hours at Able to Serve. It was Seth’s desire to spend time once he retired volunteer at ATS. He had a real big soft spot for people with special needs. Probably seeing this in her Dad helped Caitlyn feel at home in this type of ministry. In the little I’ve observed so far, it looks like my daughter has found a wonderful fit for her heart at ATS.

  3. Sandy Petty

    Love having you in our ATS family! My participant loves having you as her teacher. She tells me, “if I don’t go I will miss seeing Caitlyn”.

  4. Cheryl Hoffman

    Caitlyn, You are certainly loved by Cathy and myself. We are so happy that you are part of the ATS family now! Cathy looks forward to coming to Able to Serve every day.

  5. Tana Bannister

    I believe we are all blessed to have Caitlyn as part of the ATS family! I’ve witnessed her work with each of the participants, showing patience, love and understanding. What a gift she is to us all. Thank you Caitlyn for all you give!❤️

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