Serving Spotlight – Meet Barbara

Our Program Instructor Barbara, serves our participants with a heart that wants to see each person grow and thrive! Barbara is a part-time Program Instructor, serving the Grace group each week.

Barbara has been a member of Able to Serve since January 2021. Barbara began as a faithful volunteer and substitute Program Instructor until January 2023 when she transitioned to become a part-time Program Instructor on our staff team. Her heart for our participants is evident through her intentionality to get to know participants personally, finding ways to connect on a personal level. We asked Barbara a few questions to help us get to know her and why she serves with us!

How are you growing during your time with Able to Serve?

Every day at Able to Serve provides an opportunity to grow. I am growing as I try to submit my will to God’s will! I asked for opportunity to be of service to God, and when I feel stressed I remind myself I prayed for opportunities to serve with a open heart, open mind and deepen my TRUST in God. ATS provides that opportunity daily as I get to serve alongside a great team of staff, volunteers, & participants. 

What are you learning through Able to Serve?

I am constantly reminded God works in “mysterious ways” as God’s plans for us are not always what I think they will be. God is always present throughout each and every day. The support the participants give each other is amazing and uplifting; they don’t stop trying to do better each day and encouraging others to do the same.

Barbara is most grateful for the amazing people she has come to know at Able to Serve. She enjoys building connections with her Grace Group participants and volunteers, listening to their prayer requests and following up on their life events such as family trips, birthdays, getting a job or moving to a new home. She says she cherishes these relationships “daily.” We are grateful for how Barbara creates an environment for our participants to utilize their gifts and talents to serve others in our community each week! Share a message for Barbara in the comments below!  

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