Goals Achieved Each Day

Ethan has been a participant since February 2023 and is thriving! His mom, Wendy shares how reaching his goals has impacted his life in BIG ways!

“As Ethan has grown up, it took years for him to even walk inside a gym to an assembly without getting teary, due to overstimulation from the clapping, music, and the crowd. He also could not tolerate birthday parties where a group of people were singing. Since he’s been attending Able To Serve, he has now remained in the room on several occasions for a birthday celebration, as well as singing along with the crowd. He was very hesitant to come into the recent Valentine’s dance because of the crowd size and the music. Not only did he voluntarily ask someone to attend with him, which he has never done, but he went inside and started talking to people and dancing for almost 2 straight hours! This program has brought out so many of the qualities that have been suppressed due to his autism struggles. We are so grateful and blessed that the Lord led us to such an amazing group of leaders, and the fact that the Lord remains at the center of it all is such a blessing. This program has been the best experience for our son that we could ever ask for. I would highly recommend this program to anyone with a special-needs family member looking to gain independent life, skills, and positive encouragement.”

– Written By Wendy, Ethan’s Mom


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