Serving Spotlight – Meet Rachel

Our Program Coordinator, Rachel Barnes, keep our day program running smoothly and invests in the lives of our participants, volunteers, staff, & families!

Rachel is our newest Program Coordinator, where she is serving alongside our staff and volunteers as we work on goals with our participants and their families. Rachel has actually had 2 starts here at Able to Serve. In the organization’s first years, she served on the Board of Directors before stepping into the first and only staff position as part-time Executive Director to create programs.  She stepped down from that “start” to take care of her family and work in other non-profits.  Her “second start” was in October 2022, returning to a staff of awesome people as a Communication Specialist. We asked Rachel a few questions to help us get to know her and why she serves with us! 

How are you growing during your time with Able to Serve?

Every day at Able to Serve provides an opportunity to grow.  Our interactions with each other encourage me to think beyond my experience and consider other points of view.  Some conversations that we enjoy together have built a new understanding of what “giving abilities a chance” means for all people across our organization.

What are you learning through Able to Serve?

As our program continues to grow, I am beginning to understand that every person is continuously cycling through the learn-grow-lead-serve model in their lives.  Each person who enters Able to Serve fits somewhere in that continuum, a view that allows all of us to work well together.  As a follower of Jesus, I am a constant student to how He can take a few things that I am able to do and use them alongside others to do more than I can imagine.  As I get to know our ATS family – the incredible participants, families, volunteers and staff – I am amazed at how He continues to use our service to impact our corner of the world. 

Rachel’s favorite recent memory at Able to Serve was our 20th year-long celebration that was full of favorite highlights. The proud faces of our accomplished athletes at the first ATS Olympics. Being a part of the Bible Camp skit with Lizzy. Taking (almost) everyone’s picture in the 20th Anniversary Frame. Staff experiences like our inflatable game afternoon and lively staff meetings. And, our Christmas Party at the Pavilion at Carriage Farm with families.

“One memory that was special for me was getting to introduce the Annual Benefit Dinner audience to my sister Beka, a participant in our Day Program. She has not only been an inspiration to me since I was 8 years old, but she remains one of the most authentic people in my world. I am grateful that I could share the stage with her and be a part of that night’s Able to Serve’s storytelling in that way.”

We are grateful for the intentionality and passion for our people that Rachel brings to our team each day and in everything she does for us at Able to Serve. We are excited to see how the Lord will use her gifts and talents to lead and impact the lives of our ATS family! Share a message for Rachel in the comments below! 

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