Fall 2022 Newsletter

Gardening Adventures this Year

Since The change in season from summer to fall also marks the end of our garden project for 2022. Our participants were busy working in the garden through the summer harvest. Some of the highlights this year were:

• Starting our warm season flower annuals and caring for them from seed to seedling to full bloom.

• Making pressed flower art from the Celosia, basil, gomphrena, and sunflowers.

• Planting and caring for squash, beans, peppers, and tomato seedlings.

• Harvesting numerous vegetables from our very own garden patch.

• Hatching and releasing painted lady butterflies.

• Making homemade hummingbird nectar and hanging hummingbird feeders around the property.

• Experimenting with hydroponic planting techniques and germinating bean seeds using only water and sunlight.

We “closed down” our summer garden this month by prepping for the next cycle in the early spring. We are planting cover crops in the outdoor beds and planting cool-season veggies and flowers in our greenhouse.

“It is SO cool to watch the plants grow from start to finish and flourish inside our garden.”

“Working as a volunteer in our ATS garden with the participants is one of the highlights of my week! I have a very captive audience, and it warms my heart that the participants are learning about nature, the ecosystem, and caring for living things. This experience has inspired many to start flowers and veggies in their growing space at home!”

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