Volunteer Spotlight: Tom

“Before joining Able to Serve, I was a Special Agent for the NC State Bureau of Investigation assigned to the Crime Laboratory in Raleigh. After 31 years of service I became an Investigator for the NC Board of Pharmacy for 7 years. I began serving as a volunteer for Able to Serve in 2014. 

My role at ATS is to assist the teachers and the members while performing classroom activities, computer skills, crafts, games, and my most favorite activity ‘Back Pack Buddies.’ I also enjoy playing the piano for the ATS benefits, Christmas parties, and birthdays! 

The biggest personal benefit I receive is ‘Unconditional Love.’ It fills you up the moment you walk in the door. The smiles, the laughter, hugs, and high fives from participants are just a few examples of this. We are a family that celebrates the good days, mourns with those experiencing tough or bad days, and prays for one another on a daily basis. I have witnessed many miracles coming out of our devotion and prayer.  I know that my life has been changed for the better because of the family of Able to Serve.” – Tom C.

Tom is a bright light and he makes everyone laugh! We’re so grateful that he chooses to serves with us. One of our favorite things about having Tom around is that he keeps everyone smiling with his jokes and his upbeat personality. When people get too serious and the mood needs to be lifted, he is always there to build others up. Tom has such a good relationship with our participants that he motivates them with his presence. He is a “hands-on” volunteer that is dearly loved and we thank God for him.

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